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You might have planning to develop any kind of business from China. We guarantee that MakerGroup will suits all your needs.


Focus on providing quality products and intelligent solutions in professional areas

The improvement of food quality and the guard of healthy body
The improvement of medical experience and the guard of healthy life
The improvement of industrial technology and the guard of healthy earth

Creation & Manufacture
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Integration & Sharing

Focus on food & drinks industry
Focus on medical consumables industry
Focus on galvanizing and heavy industry


- Air knife system - Coating control solution for galvanizing.
- OEM/ODM galvanizing equipment & spares.
- Anti-heat and Anti-wear casting.

After 20+ years and more than 100+ successfully implemented continuous galvanizing lines, with experience more than 1000+ implemented coating control projects, we have matched companies with the market opportunities providing solutions that increase ROI, save time and money...

Professional Design

Perfect Fabrication

Outstanding Support


Maker Business Solutions - Foucs on specialization of Galvanizing equipment, Heat-resistant casting spare & Heavy industry product. 

Heavy industry

Heavy industry

Heavy Industry products fabrication

Typical milling-boring machine: CNC double portal-type milling and boring processing center from SCHIESS.
Processing range:
max. length: 40meter,
max. width: 8meter,
max. height: 7meter,
max. weight: 250ton
Completed the clamping five surface processing one time, realized five-axis simultaneous in seven axises and the curved surface machining.
More machining capability please contact us.

Typical machine: Hydraulic bending machine from HAEUSLER.
Processing range:
working roll max. length: 4250mm,
max. rolling thickness: 210mm.
More machining capability please contact us.


Industrial Specialists - Be expert in - Manufacturing of galvanizing, heavy industry and heat-resistant casting.

Air Knife System

Coating control solution(Air knife, blower, edge baffle, auto scraper) for GL,GI and Flux line.

Galvanizing equipment

Subcontractor - OEM/ODM of ECL section, Pot section & Annealing furnace section of galvanizing.

Galvanizing spares

Sink roll, arm, bush, snout, radiant tube, boot roll, hearth roll, bridle roll and etc.

Heat-resistant casting

Casting product of anti-heat and anti-wear for heat treatment, petrochemical industry, Glass industry, Cement industry and etc.

Galvanizing Solution

All kind of solution for galvanizing technical and operational problem.

Heavy Industry Fabrication

Heavy industry facbriation, maximum workpiece weight 1000 tons.